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Regional map with twenty different allergy zones.

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Being a patient is not required. This is only used to access your allergy history/records.

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Personalized Prescription Strength Allergy Drops are the surest way to treat your allergies. This deluxe product is created specifically for your allergies. This proprietary blend of antigens is based on an allergy blood test that will direct our creation of Allergy Drops that are made just for you. This option allows us to treat you for multiple seasons and multiple indoor allergens all in one drop. So, if you are symptomatic during more than one season, or have more than a couple indoor triggers, this is the drop for you.

Once you purchase your drops, you will be asked to provide important medical information that allows us to assess the severity of your allergies and whether this therapy will be helpful for you. Because this is a medical-grade product, there are certain medications and medical conditions that should not be mixed with allergy immunotherapy. Your honest responses to this questionnaire are appreciated.

You will also be asked to review a consent form and sign your name indicating that you understand its contents. Although Allergy Drops are exceedingly safe, this is a medical therapy using high-strength allergy serums (not available in stores or health-food chains) and there are certain risks that need to be understood.

Allergy Drops have never been reported to have caused a life-threatening allergy reaction, and most reactions to drops are easily treated with over-the-counter antihistamines like cetirizine. However, when your Allergy Drops are sent to your home (FREE SHIPPING) a prescription for an EpiPen will be included. We recommend you fill this prescription and have an EpiPen available when you are using your drops.

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  1. I have loved using these allergy drops. I could tell they were working right from the beginning as I did not struggle with itchy eyes, runny nose, or all of the other problematic allergy issues. I would recommend to anyone as the process is simple and the result is significant.

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