Why Drops

Effective – They are an effective way of decreasing your allergy responses by desensitizing you to the things you are allergic to.

Safety – Allergy drops are unparalleled in their safety profile. Most patients take these drops without any side effects. A few may experience mild reactions which can include itching in the mouth or lips. Systemic reactions have been reported, but these are exceedingly rare. There has never been a serious life-threatening or fatal reaction reported despite millions of doses administered.

Convenience – Drops can be taken whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. You don’t have to arrange your schedule around an office visit to get an injection. You don’t have to mess with insurance paperwork.

  Allergy Shots Allergy Drops
Method of administration Shot in the arm(s) Drops under the tongue (painless)
Treatment frequency Weekly Daily
Duration of treatment Three to five years Usually three years
Treatment location Doctor’s office Home
Effective Yes Yes
FDA approved Serum-Yes, Method-Yes Serum-Yes, Method-Pending (We use the same antigens that would be mixed in your shots, it’s simply adminstered through sublingual therapy versus injection).
Allergy testing Required, usually covered by insurance Required, usually covered by insurance
Contraindications Beta-blockers, history of anaphylaxis, young children, significant asthma Severe asthma
Adverse reactions Many: swelling, itching, asthma exacerbation, pain at injection site. Itching/tingling in mouth/lips. Very rare nausea, cramping.
Risk of anaphylaxis Small Extremely rare, no severe life-threatening reactions or fatalities ever reported.
Insurance coverage Usually, though high deductible makes this expensive even with insurance. No, however total cost is often less.
Time Driving to and from the doctor’s office each week and a required 30 minute wait time in the office. Missed school/work. Drops are held under the tongue for two minutes each day.
Cost example with $25 weekly copay (does not include deductible for serum mixing).

$25 copay x 52 weeks = $1,300.00

This is excluding…

Allergy consultation. Insurance copays/deductibles for allergy serum mixing. With high deductible plans cost can reach $2,000 or more.

1 year of Supplement Allergy Drops = $300.00-500.00

1 Year of Prescription Blend= $1,200.00